Experience the Ultimate Home Theater !

Perfection in Audio Visual...

Hi-Fidelity Sound

Goosebumps when you hear female vocals, yet powerful drums!  This is what true Hi-Fi sounds like!

12,000 Watts Subwoofers!

When the gattling gun fires, you'll be shell shocked!  Bass extends down to the unheard of 8 Hz!

4K Projector!

True 4K Projector + World's Finest Acoustically Transparent Screen = Absolute Clarity and superb Visual Treat for anyone.

I am originally from Uzbek, but I have lived in Malaysia for over 10 years now.  I am a movie buff so when Ezer invited me to watch a movie at his Cinema, I could not resist.   One word:  WOW!  Blew me away, literally!  The listening experience was completely different, extremely positive. The speakers were wonderfully detailed and smooth through the mids and highs. I loved the detail in female vocals. They felt present in the room, right up close. Instrument details like string picks and background synthesizers were gently pushed forward for closer inspection, but never obtrusively.

Imaging and soundstage were nothing short of phenomenal! The soundstage was huge, natural, and spacious, as good as any I have ever heard. Clarity and definition at low and lower-mid frequencies was impressive with the second track really cranked up loud. Overall tonal balance was absolutely spot on. I could think of no performance area where they fell short. The EzerMax speakers had thoroughly grabbed me and infected me with their charm.

Thanks to an attentive fellow Audiophile, Ezer Ratchaga, I left the room absolutely loving his setup. In the "around USD $100K" price range, they were among a small handful of speakers that left me grinning and wishing for much, much more time to spend with them.

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


I am actually an audiophile and whenever I travel, I always find A/V shows to demo speakers.  When I found out about Ezer's $800K Home Cinema, I wanted to go have a listen.  I am not about how loud a system can go, but how well they reproduce every note.  The speakers Ezer had were a little laid back in the highs, but very smooth. Imaging was perfect and seems very stable and natural. The soundstage was huge, very natural and completely open, exhibiting a bit more forwardness than I expected for the room, almost like the artists were singing directly in front of you.  These  speakers did a complete disappearing act in that room, the first speakers to do so at the demo room for me.

There was detail galore and the sense of clarity was superb. The overall presentation was about as natural and smooth and transparent as you could expect a speaker to sound, yet was far from being boring. The sound reached out to hug you and gently held you in place, whispering, "Now listen to this."



No speaker system I have heard so far could hope to compete with the 7-channel rig that Ezer has set up in his bunker.   With over 12,000 watts of power on tap, there’s more than enough juice to drive Ezer's massive Subwoofer, which could easily recreate earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  The quality of the bass from this system is particularly euphonic, you feel it, you hear it, but it never bloats, never overwhelms, never sounds imbalanced.  The sound was clean, smooth, and energetic at both low and high volume. Live music sounded live, there was never any hint of strain. Sound like this is intoxicating, you can listen to a low-distortion system all day long and never grow fatigued.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Hi!  My name is Ezer Ratchaga, an extreme audiophile, a hobbyist, and a total movie-buff.   I have been involved in the Audio Video world for over 25 years and today,  I have created HomeTheater.my,  a flagship audio/video company in Malaysia.


At HomeTheater.my, we have teamed up with our partners in the USA to provide the most immersive, over-the-top home theater demo.


Using detailed engineering schematics, we have built the ultimate movie listening and viewing space in Mid Valley City, within the heart of Kuala Lumpur.   We have literally engineered the the home cinema, and coming up with the layout and design for the room’s seating, riser heath, screen size, acoustic treatments and more.


The results were stunning, as the images from the 4K Digital Projector on the 138-inch diagonal Acoustically Transparent screen popped, making 1080p video look as good as possible.  The projector had been calibrated to the Rec 709 standard, so colors were punchy yet accurate and with deep black levels.


Audio was provided by EzerMax's Cinema Reference speakers in an Atmos 7.4.1 configuration. The Cinema Reference are designed for large theater spaces where high – in excess of 120 dB SPL – output is needed. In fact, we have tested it to go way beyond 130 dB.  The processing allowed the flying fish and ambient ocean sounds from Life of Pi to swirl effortless around the room, surrounding you in the ocean isolated ocean environment.  Fortunately, our neighbours wouldn't be complaining about the awesomeness of the volume as we built the Cinema in a 10 inch concrete bunker so the speakers don't have to be dialed back from their full, massive potential.


While an exact price for the room was unavailable, I was told that it “exceeds RM $800,000.”

Call: 012-2181898 for a demo or fill out the form to get in touch

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