Imax vs THX vs EzerMAX!

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

We all heard the IMAX sound! So, what's the difference between it and the THX Certified Cinemas?

Here's my quick impression:

I have never been to a THX Certified cinema, even one with Atmos that sounded as good as a good old fashion 5.1 IMAX Cinema. The video above explains why the Imax sound is so much better. The two biggest difference to me is:

The Speakers used in Imax theaters are superior. So, even though IMAX usually only have a 5.1 system, each of their speakers is better in everyway compared to the dozens of speakers that an Atmos cinema spot.

The BASS is more powerful! Nothing like Volcano erupting bass that rattles your bones to bring the movie going experience another level up. And in this aspect, THX just doesn't cut it. THX specifies bass down to 40hz, while IMAX's is down to 23 hz, one full octave lower.

What about EzerMAX? We strive to go even a couple steps further than IMAX!

Our speakers are specially engineered to be Hi Fidelity (yes, just like the best Hi-Fi speakers money can buy), but they are also engineered to play LOUD! In fact, extremely loud. We have registered close to 140dB in our Demo Room. (You need ear plugs for this or you will go instantly deaf).

Our BASS extends down to 10hz. This is yet another level of extremism when it comes to bass extension. How do we accomplish this? 12,000 WATTS of pure POWER!

Want a demo? Give me a call today and we'll set up a session for you at The Ultimate Home Theater In Malaysia.

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