Sony VPL-VW570ES / VW695ES Reviews Compilation - (June, 2019)

The VPL-VW570ES / VPL-VW695ES is the latest native 4K SXRD projector from Sony and sits in the middle of their range. It replaces the now discontinued VPL-VW360ES and VPL-VW550ES models from 2017 and is joined by the VPL-VW270ES at the entry point while the VPL-VW760ES continues from last year above it and the new VPL-VW870ES slots in as the higher end 2018 model. In the video above, you'll see one of the most respected reviewers in this field, Vincent Teoh, bringing you through all the features and benefits of this projector.

SONY VIDEO : Features and Benefits of the VPL-VW570ES / VPL-VW695ES Projector


  • Amazing True Native 4K resolution of 4096 x 2160

  • High Dynamic Range, 350,000:1 Contrast

  • Picture position memory

  • Advanced Dynamic Iris

  • Black or White finish

  • 1,800 lumens bright

  • 3 “chip” LCoS design

  • Auto calibration

  • Motorized lens features

  • Lens Memory allows for use of “wide screens”

  • Excellent zoom range, and plenty of lens shift

  • Very quiet

  • 3D support

  • HDR – High Dynamic Range

  • Supports HDR10 (the standard on Blu-ray UHD)

  • Supports Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) – HDR for streaming

  • Full featured, backlight remote control

  • 3 year parts and labor warranty

Top Reviewers

Inside CI

This Sony scores highly straight from the box. Picture quality is impressive, both in terms of UHD clarity and colour vibrancy. Images don’t just pop, they explode. UHD TV shows and movies look superb, and it’s something of a revelation with sports too (you’ll need either a Sky Q or Virgin V6 box as a source).


The VPL-VW570ES is a massively impressive native 4k projector. If you’re specifying a home theatre, it ticks most every box. Images are detailed and colour rich, contrast is exceptional. This model casts gloriously filmic images. It's difficult to fault the quality of Sony’s picture processing.

Every premium theatre deserves one.


It is fair to say that £8000 is not spare change to the vast majority of readers, but for those looking for a high-quality native 4K projector, the VW570ES certainly offers up an excellent performance with SDR and HDR content.

Black levels are very close to those of the JVC D-ILA models and we ran some side by side comparisons with our resident X7900 model. Where the Sony is better than the JVC is with just above black shadow detail retrieval and a super mid tone that allows the image a real sense of depth and detail, where the JVC is inky black but also crushes some of that detail. With SDR content the Sony offers a clean and crisp image with superb sharpness and natural, accurate colours that pop. There is a more subtle nuance to the colours produced by the VW570ES compared to the X7900, that makes it just look more natural, to my eyes anyway. But of course, we are talking about minute differences here.

With HDR content the VW570ES continues to offer a decent stab at producing some dynamic looking images and decent brightness.

If you have the budget and more importantly, the environment to get the absolute best out of the VPL-VW570ES, we don’t think you can go wrong if you want superbly accurate SDR out of the box along with some of the best projected HDR content we have seen so far from a high-end machine. So, if that is what you are looking for make sure you put the Sony VPL-VW570ES on your demo list, it picks up our Highly Recommended badge with ease.

Tech Guide Australia

If you’re serious about setting up a home theatre then you should be serious about the projector you choose. The Sony VPL-VW570ES True 4K Home Cinema projector should be that choice.


The 695ES will be their "sweet spot" this year in the Sony lineup. It is very solid and throws the best 4K image I have seen at the 10K and under mark. Motion, sharpness, color and black levels make a strong foundation for a superb picture and you get all of them here with the 695ES. If you value true 4K and 8.8 million pixels versus 1080p's 2.2 million then don't hesitate to pick up the 695ES. Your eyes will thank you as will your family and friends

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