Sony VPL-VW760ES / VW885ES Reviews Compilation - (June, 2019)

The VPL-VW760ES is Sony’s latest native 4K SXRD home cinema projector, which features a laser light source instead of the traditional bulb . In the video above, you'll see one of the most respected reviewers in this field, Vincent Teoh, bringing you through all the features and benefits of this projector.

SONY VIDEO : Features and Benefits of the VPL-VW760ES / VPL-VW885ES Projector


  • True 4K resolution of 4096 x 2160 without use of pixel shifting

  • 2,000 lumens bright

  • 3 “chip” LCoS design

  • Auto calibration

  • Motorized lens features

  • Lens Memory allows for use of “wide screens”

  • Excellent zoom range, and plenty of lens shift

  • Very quiet

  • 3D support

  • HDR – High Dynamic Range

  • Supports HDR10 (the standard on Blu-ray UHD)

  • Supports Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) – HDR for streaming

  • Full featured, backlight remote control

  • 3 year parts and labor warranty

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Projector Reviews

This is one pretty awesome projector.  I’ve reviewed a number of 1080p pixel shifters, and 4K UHD pixel shifters that can handle 4K content, including HDR and BT.2020, but like the two less expensive true 4K Sonys, none come close.

At USD $24,995 this is not for the faint of wallet.  Hey, it’s the cost of a basic Toyota Camry, but ya know what, it can last you far longer, and believe, me, the Sony VPL-VW885ES is a far better home theater projector than the Toyota Camry is a car.

This Sony is loaded with features, but it is the picture that justifies the dollar signs.  It is, simply stated, the second best projector to grace my home theater.  It’s UST twin can be considered its equal, but they are different in terms of where each one works best.


The Sony VPL-VW760ES is an impressive achievement from the company boasting the only native 4K projector to be driven by a laser source under £15,000. It more than halves the previous price point for such a machine, like the JVC DLA-Z1, and gives custom installers a genuinely impressive display to offer within their home cinema designs. And let’s be clear that this is the market channel within which the Sony VW760 is intended to be sold. There may be a few well-heeled AVForums members who do take the leap with this projector, but the vast majority of sales will be within large residential and professional projects. This makes complete sense given the nature of the pricing and quality on offer. Yes, there are instances where the under £10K projectors do perform slightly better, such as the JVC black levels and dynamic range. But make no mistake that the lens glass, native 4K chips and laser source justify the extra costs of the Sony and that with HDR this is the best projector we have seen, so far.

The performance highlights are the colour purity, calibrated performance and the balanced HDR images the VW760ES manages to produce. Blacks are deep, but it is how the projector comes out of black that impresses us the most along with stunningly sharp images that still manage to look cinematic and accurate.


It would seem that Sony’s decades of commercial cinema experience has been brought to bear creating the VPL-VW760ES. Razor sharp images loaded with extra detail, excellent black levels and accurate colour reproduction come together to create simply stunning images.

In other words, this projector creates some of the best images I have ever seen from a projector, irrespective of price.

For this reason, Sony’s VPL-VW760ES effortlessly wins a Best in Class award.

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