Sony VPL-VW870ES / VW995ES Reviews Compilation - (June, 2019)

The Sony VPL-VW870ES is a home cinema projector that combines a true 4K resolution with laser-based lighting. It’s out to deliver a premium big-screen experience, complete with enough brightness to make HDR pictures look much more convincing than they usually do on projectors. In the video above, you'll see one of the most respected reviewers in this field, Vincent Teoh, bringing you through all the features and benefits of this projector.

SONY VIDEO : Features and Benefits of the VPL-VW870ES / VPL-VW995ES Projector


  • Amazing True Native 4K design (4096×2160) no pixel shifting

  • 2200 lumens

  • Excellent “right out of the box” color and picture

  • ARC-F lens – high quality glass that is more expensive than most home theater projectors

  • IMAX Certified3D built in (Yay!)

  • Digital Focus optimizer

  • Has a traditional dynamic iris to improve black levels

  • Also Uses laser light engine as a 2nd independent dynamic iris for even better blacks!

  • Achieves P3 color (or at least very close) – we did not calibrate or measure

  • Support for HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma (broadcast and streaming HDR)

  • Auto calibration – maintains precise color for years

  • LCoS Panel Alignment

  • Lens Memory

  • Upgraded 4K/2K Reality Creation

  • Gamers:  Input lag reduction up to, including 4K 60 fps content!

Top Reviewers

The VW995ES excels at just about everything picture wise, and for that matter, feature wise as well. Its best modes are very close to calibrated color, without any adjustment at all (something extremely uncommon), assuring viewers of great color, and theoretically, even more perfect color with a professional calibration. I can’t think of any projector, whether Epson, JVC, Optoma, etc. that can match the color this VW995ES projector puts on the screen.  OK, that’s a big statement, but a true one.

Add to that excellent black level performance.  Consider that, only the top of the line JVCs might rival or beat this Sony, but it’s likely that nothing else even comes close.

Sharpness is (I keep repeating myself) very natural looking. The default 20 setting in Reality Creation (detail enhancement feature), provides great sharpness, and virtually no artifacts that would be visible under normal viewing (easier to spot artifacts when pausing the content). I doubt very much you can find a non-native 4K projector that, on 4K HDR content (or other 4K content, for that matter), that can look as sharp as this Sony.

But this projector is even more about clarity, than sharpness.  It comes with excellent optics, that provide an image that just looks clearer than other projectors – not necessarily sharper, just more real, more there, more looking through a window, than looking at a display. Outstanding.

Trusted Reviews

The Sony VW870ES does a more impressive, punchy, enjoyable job with bright HDR content than any projector we’ve tested to date. This combines with phenomenal 4K sharpness to deliver pictures from 4K Blu-rays that can look absolutely sensational.


The VW870ES delivers the most impressive 4K HDR pictures I’ve seen on a home cinema projector to date. If you have a dedicated home cinema room and enough spare cash to even be thinking about buying a Sony VW870ES, then there really isn’t another device like it on the market right now.

Sound and Vision

  • Breathtaking image quality

  • Reference-level optics

  • Laser light source

THE VERDICT The Sony VPL-VW995ES delivers reference-level images with all video formats and benefits from a high-end lens that's optimized for 4K playback. I really enjoyed my time with the Sony's VPL-VW995ES. Anyone be hard-pressed to find a projector that performs as well as the VW995ES. It definitely ranks among the best projectors I've used and easily rates a Top Pick.

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